Kim Kardashian reveals she has 6 body piercings -- but is her lip ring real?

Kim Kardashian West is full of surprises.

The 36-year-old reality star is back to posting on her website, and released a list on Thursday of things that fans may not know about her -- including that she has a whopping six body piercings. Kim shared that she has one piercing on her belly button, one in her right ear and four on her left ear. This must be her way of letting fans know that the lip ring she's been seen wearing lately is a clip-on.

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Kim also revealed that she has a freckle where no one would expect: her eyeball!

The quirky confessions about herself didn't stop there! "I sleep with my eyes slightly open and it scares the sh** out of people," the mother of two disclosed. "I HATE cilantro, mustard, peppers, blue cheese and red velvet."

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One of the more unusual facts about Kim is that she loathes cardboard. "I hate the sleeve on a Starbucks cup. I leave the room for someone to take it off for me because I cringe from the sound," she quipped. "It's like nails on a chalkboard for me."

Another surprising admission involved Kim's behavior towards bees. "I used to never be scared of bees and always wanted to hold them and play with them and I never got stung," she recalled.

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There is one fear that she's willing to write about. "I jumped out of a plane sky diving when I was 20 years old," she said. "And now I'm so afraid of heights."

Kim certainly isn't afraid of getting things pierced, as she's recently had manicures that included pierced nails.