Pauley Perrette goes on emotional rant against 'narcissist' President Donald Trump, reveals dad is in the ER

Pauley Perrette has issues with being called an out-of-touch actor.

The 47-year-old NCIS star got candid on Twitter on Sunday, speaking out against President Donald Trump, but also sharing that politics haven't divided her family. Perrette revealed that her "very Republican" father is currently in the emergency room, but that their differences in opinion doesn't stop her "daddy love."

The rant started with Perrette praising the outspokenness of her fellow actors at the 2017 Screen Actors Guild Awards. "Proud to be an actor tonight #SAGawards Even though some of you think our jobs eliminate us from loving our country and having an opinion," she tweeted. "'Out Of Touch Celebrities Opinions being shoved down my throat' WHAT? You don't know me! I'm overwhelmed with sorrow doing as much as I can."

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Later, in a lengthy post, she tweeted about her past, as well as the personal issues she's dealing with at the moment.

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"You think my thoughts don't matter because I'm an actor?" she wrote. "I had thoughts when I worked for a car lot, Taco Bell, was a bartender, and worked as a cook assistant in the bottom of a boat in a foot of dirty dish water... My (VERY REPUBLICAN) dad is in the ER and I'm terrified because I love him so much, politics don't stop my daddy love. I'm his little kid scared to death right now. My dog is in surgery and intense rehab. And I'm scared. My boss [NCIS showrunner Gary Glasberg] died suddenly and his memorial was today and I miss him and it sux. Three of my friends died this year."

"Does this seem like 'CELEBRITY PROBLEMS?'" she added. "I live in a s**tty old house, use my paycheck to help others however I can. I don't own anything of value. You have been fueled by an illusion of excess. Trumps, Kardashians, yes, some celebrities, that money means more than your soul, but don't blame me."

She went on to slam Trump's controversial policies.

"I believe in living simply, being honest, working hard, fighting injustice, and GOD," she wrote. "But SOMEONE want to play God. But you're not God. My loving God, who would NOT be building walls, pulling people off planes, judging and punishing. ... You are a power hungry, flawed, narcissist who does not feel that we are all human."

"There were legitimate Republican candidates, in my opinion," she added. "But you chose an insane dictator who just wants to win, and is nuts and doesn't give a s**t about you. Just wants to rule the world."

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ET spoke to Perrette last month, when she opened up about how she's doing a little over a year after her life-threatening attack by a homeless man.

"I'm doing all right. It was a really bizarre thing," she shared. "The anniversary of it was a strange day, and it was like I got attacked and almost lost my life, and when I finally fell asleep, I woke up, and the Paris attacks were happening."

"It was like the apocalypse," she added. "It was just a really bizarre time."

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