James Cameron blasts 'MythBusters' for saying Jack could have fit on the door in 'Titanic'

James Cameron is putting an age-old Titanic debate to rest.

Plenty of fans have argued through the years that Leonardo DiCaprio's character, Jack, could have fit on the floating door with Kate Winslet's character, Rose, when they were both stranded in the middle of the ocean, therefore saving him from death at the end of the film. Cameron himself even appeared in a 2012 episode of MythBusters to address the theory, and the Discovery show determined that both Rose and Jack could have in fact, survived.

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However, in a new interview, Cameron is changing his tune.

"OK, so let's really play that out: you're Jack, you're in water that's 28 degrees, your brain is starting to get hypothermia," Cameron explains to The Daily Beast. "MythBusters asks you to now go take off your life vest, take hers off, swim underneath this thing, attach it in some way that it won't just wash out two minutes later -- which means you're underwater tying this thing on in 28-degree water, and that's going to take you five to ten minutes, so by the time you come back up you're already dead. So that wouldn't work. His best choice was to keep his upper body out of the water and hope to get pulled out by a boat or something before he died."

"They're fun guys and I loved doing that show with them, but they're full of s**t," he adds.

Cameron also stresses that the point of the story is that Jack had to die for Rose.

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"Look, it's very, very simple: you read page 147 of the script and it says, 'Jack gets off the board and gives his place to her so that she can survive,'" Cameron says. "It's that simple. You can do all the post-analysis you want."

Titanic came out almost two decades ago, but clearly, fans are still not over discussing the beloved romantic drama. DiCaprio and Winslet are also adorably still BFFs.

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ET interviewed 42-year-old DiCaprio all the way back in 1997 -- the year the film came out -- when he was just 22 years old.

"I traditionally have done smaller films and this, to me, was a completely new venture," he said at the time of the monster hit. "I took a chance and tried something different. It definitely worked out, in my opinion, but I've never done anything of this caliber. ... My opinion of huge movies like this...has always been to stay away from them...but I didn't want to discriminate against this because it was such a powerful story and such an important movie."

Watch our incredible flashback interview below: