Meghan Markle's 'Suits' costar hints at her 'future Princess of England' status

On Wednesday night, the USA legal drama Suits returned for its sixth season. This might not make headlines under normal circumstances; however, for royal-watchers in particular, the show's return this year is a major happening. And that is, yes, because the series stars actress Meghan Markle, girlfriend of Prince Harry.

Markle—who recently visited India in support of her charitable work, shortly after vacationing in Norway with Harry—is, unsurprisingly, not doing any press for the new season and is maintaining a low profile generally about her celebrity (she has not posted on her Instagram account in about a month). But this, oh no, is not going to stop people from asking the other Suits actors, who are doing press, about the newfound mega-fame of their co-star!

Patrick J. Adams—who plays Markle's fiancé on the show—took part in a Reddit A.M.A. on Wednesday, in which he was asked, point blank, by a member of the commentariat, "Hey Patrick! What's it like making out on-screen with the potentially future princess of England?" Now, there are no requirements about answering questions in Reddit A.M.A.s—it's not as though it was a live video interview (in that case, he might have had trouble avoiding a question in a non-awkward manner). Adams could have just skipped over the "making out" question, and that would have been that, and we would not be writing this item here today.

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But instead, Adams decided to respond: "The same as it was before she was potentially a future princess of England." Not necessarily earth-shattering, but still—when it comes to Markle-related tidbits, the eager populace is surely going to take what it can get.

Of course, we have so many other questions for him. Does Markle refer to Harry on set as "Harry" or "The Prince" or—in a whisper—"You know, my guy"? Is the relationship something they can joke about with her ("So how many fascinators have you ordered on Amazon Prime?") or does it feel off-limits? And—most urgently—has Meghan Markle ever gifted hima dream journal?

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