Matthew McConaughey and Bryce Dallas Howard reveal what they enjoyed most in their film 'Gold'

Academy Award winning actor Matthew McConaughey and Screen Actors Guild Award winning actress Bryce Dallas Howard stopped by AOL's new BUILD Studio recently to discuss their respective roles in the new movie 'Gold' directed by Oscar winning writer Stephen Gaghan.

Kenny Wells (McConaughey) is the central character in the film and he goes on an Indonesian expedition in search for gold in the hopes for a lucky break. McConaughey dished on what he loved about his character:

"I fell in love with this guy and the humanity of him from the first read quicker than any other character I've ever read. There's a purity of this guy. As you see in the movie, I think its best set up as this dreamer who has no trouble turning down $300 million dollars to buy his company out because they took his name off of it. But he's really nervous when he has to go in front of his peers to win "Prospector of the Year". That was a point where I was like look at the purity of the soul of this man. Also he's a great American archetype."

McConaughey was enamored with the themes of the film. He enjoyed the idea of loyalty, resiliency, and determination of Kenny Wells' golden dreams.

Bryce Dallas Howard echoed similar sentiments when it came to describing what she loved about her character in the film. She played Kay where she's described as not just the "stand-by your-man woman" but rather also a complete three-dimensional character.

"She's sort of this person who has found gold in her own life. She feels safe. She feels happy like one of the first lines about Kay in the script was that [in] her case her pants are too tight only because she was happy. To be with someone who's reaching, who doesn't feel like they've achieved the dream yet, who feels like their best days are ahead of them, there are a lot of couples like that and that's what this couple [Kenny and Kay] is like as well. I like as well that it's not her always going back to him, it's him always going back to her."

Howard agreed with her co-star McConaughey in that 'Gold' is about dreamers and the potential consequences before and after said dream is realized.

With a film like 'Gold', the premise, the themes, and the unique characterizations all tie in together to make for a thrilling adventure. It's a definite must-see film if you're fans of McCounaughey's, or Howard's, and or simply fans of great directing & screenwriting in general!

Go see 'Gold' which will be in theaters nationwide starting FRIDAY-- 1/27/17! Check out the official 'Gold' website for tickets and more info. Be sure to watch the full interview to hear additional 'Gold' anecdotes, more from co-star Edgar Ramirez, and much much more by clicking here.

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