Watch girl from 'The Ring' crawl out of TVs and prank shoppers (Video)


On Monday, Paramount Studios released a promotion video for their upcoming movie, "Rings," in which they pranked customers shopping by dressing up an actress to look like the notorious Samara from the 2002 horror and having her creepily crawl out of TVs to scare shoppers.

"You know the rules — first you watch it, then you die," the Facebook page for "Rings" captioned the video.

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In the video, customers can be seen chatting with a store representative who is giving them all the specs on the different TV sets as the trailer for "Rings" is playing on all the screens. The clerk then excuses himself for a second to change the batteries on his remote because all of a sudden they don't work and no sooner does he leave when Samara begins to emerge from one of the screens.

Naturally, most people were frightened and a pair of young men quickly ran away knocking a box over on their way out.

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According to a representative from Paramount, the video has 106 million views and 2.8 million shares so far.

"Rings" opens in theaters Feb. 3 and is the third installment in the franchise, coming 12 years after the "Ring Two."

Watch the video above.

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