Mel Gibson welcomes baby No. 9


Mel Gibson has welcomed baby number nine to the family.

Son Lars Gerard Gibson was born Friday in Los Angeles, the Hacksaw Ridge director confirmed to People.

This is the first child for Gibson with girlfriend of two years Rosalind Ross.

Gibson, 60, told The Hollywood Reporter about his own childhood during the Director Roundtable last month: "I cut up a lot as a kid. I had these four brothers all around the same age. So I walked on the top of barns where the roof was falling in, and I'd get a hiding for that kind of stuff. I was always the damn fool that used to tell the truth and own up to stuff. I'd be the one getting the hiding at school or anywhere else. I don't know, occupational hazard."

See photos of the couple together:

The filmmaker was nominated for best director for Hacksaw Ridge at the Golden Globes this year, while the film was also nominated in the best motion picture drama category. The film was released in theaters in November 2016.

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