Kevin Hart thanks all his co-stars at People's Choice Awards, except The Rock 'who hasn't helped me at all'

Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson's feud lives on!

The two displayed their beef in front of the world during the People's Choice Awards on Wednesday, taking a moment to call each other out on stage.

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It all started during Hart's acceptance speech for Favorite Comedic Movie Actor, which started off as a lovely thank-you to his wife and kids, fans, and all of his co-stars -- except for Johnson.

"I thank God, there is no me without God. I gotta thank my beautiful wife and kids. I gotta thank my amazing fans for the support that you guys have given me in this amazing career," he began.

"Last but not least, all of the co-stars that I've had in my life that helped me grow in this business. I appreciate you all, I'm definitely able to do what I do because of the help that I've had on camera. So, this one goes to all the co-stars that I've had except for The Rock, because he hasn't helped me," he said, slamming his Central Intelligence and Jumanji co-star. "You've actually lessened my talent, it's gone down since you've been in my life."

Of course the camera cut to Johnson for a reaction shot, which the actor used to flip the camera off.

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The Rock returned for round two during his own acceptance speech later in the show, for Favorite Premium Series Actor.

"It's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice," he declared before appearing to say "go f**k yourself."

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