Mother of Angelina Jolie's adopted child, Zahara, begs to see daughter again


Amid her lengthy divorce drama with Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie has another family issue on her hands.

The biological mother of her adopted child, Zahara, reached out to the Oscar-winning actress with a major plea -- to be able to see her daughter again.

Jolie adopted Ethiopian-born Zahara in 2005, with Pitt doing the same a year later. At the time of her adoption, everyone thought her biological mother, Mentewab Dawit Lebiso, had passed away.

Two years later, in 2007, Lebiso came forward to say she was actually alive. It was too late to get her child back as the adoption was "legal and irrevocable."

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A recent interview with DailyMail reveled her true intentions:

"I just want her to know that I am alive and here and long to be able to speak with her. I do not want my daughter back but just to be in contact with her and be able to call her up and talk with her," the 12-year-old's birth mother said.

She continued on, praising the "Maleficent" actress for raising Zahara.

"Angelina has been more of a mother to her than I have ever been. She has been with her since she was a baby, but that does not mean I do not miss her ... I miss her all the time. I think about her every day and long to hear her voice or see her face. I know when she has a birthday but I am sad because I can't celebrate it with her. I would so much want to celebrate with her on her birthday and other special days. I long to be able to have regular contact with her."

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This puts the mother-of-six in a tough spot, especially after making it clear that she doesn't want to share custody of the children with her estranged husband. Both Brad and Angie's respective camps have remained silent about the divorce since releasing an unexpected joint statement last week.

The pair indicated that an agreement has been met in order to preserve continued privacy for their six children.

Angelina has yet to speak out about the comments from Zahara's birth mom. Judging by her near silence about the divorce, she probably won't speak out about this matter too.