Tomi Lahren teaches Jesse Watters how to pronounce her name (video)

Two up-and-coming conservative stars got together over the weekend when TheBlaze's Tomi Lahren appeared on Fox News Channel's "Watters' World" with Jesse Watters.

And the first thing they cleared up was the tricky pronunciation of Lahren's name. "It's Tomi, like the boys name. Lahren like Laryngitis," she told Watters.

Watters said he's "got it," and Lahren mentioned that she is called "much worse" on Twitter.

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See more from Lahren's social media accounts:

Watters then asked Lahren about Donald Trump's recent press conference when he famously called CNN "fake news" after reporter Jim Acosta continuously interrupted the president-elect while trying to ask a question.

"Maybe if CNN wanted to give Trump a question, they should have just leaked it like they did with Hillary Clinton," Watters joked.

Lahren chimed in, "I always say, 'evolve or die,' and in this case 'adjust or die,'... Donald Trump will be our president. He will be inaugurated next Friday on January 20, he will be our 45th president," Lahren said.

"As soon as the media and the Democrats that own the media and participate in the media accept that, I think maybe they have a chance to reclaim whatever dignity they had," she added.

See the full interview:

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