Rob Schneider ripped for lecturing John Lewis about MLK


Rob Schneider had a dream about spreading a message of unity. Unfortunately it turned into a nightmare once that message hit social media.

"Saturday Night Live" alum Schneider was eviscerated on Twitter on Monday after he used Martin Luther King Jr. Day as an opportunity to lecture Georgia Rep. John Lewis.

"Rep. Lewis. You are a great person. But Dr. King didn't give in to his anger or his hurt. That is how he accomplished & won Civil Rights," Schneider tweeted on Monday, in an apparent reference to Lewis boycotting president-elect Donald Trump's inauguration and calling the legitimacy of Trump's election into question.

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See photos of Rep. John Lewis:

Schneider's tweet did manage to foster unity in at least one way, as Twitter users gathered en masse to mock the actor for lecturing Lewis, a key member of the Civil Rights Movement, on the Civil Rights Movement.

".@RobSchneider don't whitesplain mlk to the man who literally sat at the table with mlk," went one reply to Schneider's tweet.

"Having @RobSchneider explain MLK and his Legacy to @repjohnlewis may be the funniest thing he's done his entire career...," another detractor wrote.

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"Who the f-ck gassed up rob schneider to the point that he felt like he could tell someone how to process being mistreated in this country?" went another reply.

"Rob Schneider is lecturing John Lewis, JOHN FRIGGIN LEWIS, on what Martin Luther King Jr. would have done," marveled another member of the Twitterati. "This planet is too ridiculous bye."

"Wow. If you want to see another Trump apologist who claims to know more about MLK than John Lewis, check out renowned thespian @RobSchneider," offered another.

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"Rob Schneider lecturing @repjohnlewis is the most embarrassing thing he's ever done. Yes, this includes The Animal," actor Wil Wheaton chimed in.

Ouch. And so on.

Read on for more choice responses.

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