Ashley Graham strips down and lifts up a male model in sexy, strange photo shoot


Ashley Graham has posed for an array of magazines, but this might be her most bizarre photo shoot yet.

The February issue of V magazine features the 28-year-old model in a series of images that accompany her interview with Chelsea Handler. In one photo, Graham is seen lifting a male model up in the air while wearing a Balmain dress that exposes the entire right side of her body.

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In another photo, Graham's eyebrows are bleached and she's standing tall in lingerie, fishnets and a lace cape.

During her interview with Handler, Graham talks about how she's inspired women of all shapes and sizes. "I don't take that lightly and I think that being the voice and face for so many women that haven't been represented -- in fashion, or film, or TV -- is encouraging, it's amazing," she says.

"Some days I forget that and then someone comes to me crying and says, 'Because of you, I wore shorts today,' or I'll get an email that says, 'I had sex with my husband with the lights on,'" she shares. "At those moments, I'm like, 'Wow, you are changing people's lives, and you're doing it by just being yourself.'"

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Graham also hopes to leave a legacy with her positive body image message. "I want to contribute to helping create a world where women can stand up for who they are and express who they want to be," she declares. "I want to be seen as a woman who helped shape an environment that allows women to be unafraid to take risks, because those are the kinds of women that you remember, those are the women you talk about for generations."

When speaking with ET recently, Graham revealed that she's interested in expanding her career into acting. "I actually feel like there is a Broadway woman living inside of me and she's never really been able to come out because I can't really carry a tune," she joked. "If somebody wrote a part for me, I'm not going to deny taking it."