New docu-series suggests O.J. Simpson's son might have committed notorious murders

A controversial six-part docu-series on the infamous O.J. Simpson murder trial is claiming the disgraced football star's son, Jason, is a person of interest in the 1994 murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman.

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Is O.J. Innocent? The Missing Evidence is produced by actor Martin Sheen and is causing uproar.

It actually claims that the former Buffalo Bills running back did not murder his ex-wife and her friend on that fateful June night.

One of the investigators on the series is Derrick Lavasseur, a former Rhode Island cop who won Big Brother in 2014.

"On this show, my focus is 100 times more concentrated than it was on Big Brother. Now, you are seeing me in my element. This is what I do every day," he told Inside Edition.

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The docu-series airing on Investigation Discovery points a finger at the Heisman Trophy winner's son, Jason, as "a person of interest." Jason, now 47, is said to have had a stormy relationship with his stepmother, Nicole.

Lavasseur told Inside Edition: "Allegedly, Jason Simpson is the one that committed the murders based on some tumultuous relationship between him and Nicole that ultimately led to him confronting her."

He added: "What if there was a second person there and they never entered the crime scene? What if they stayed in the car? There wouldn't be as much trace evidence found at the crime scene."

Bill Dear, a private investigator involved in the series, claims to have discovered the long-lost murder weapon - a knife, which he says was Jason's.

"This was found in our suspect's storage facility. It was designed for one purpose: to cut and to kill," he told Inside Edition. "Markings that Nicole sustained on her scalp came from the butt of this knife."

The series shows the knife and sheath being tested for Simpson's ex-wife and Goldman's blood.

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But critics say the theory behind the series is nonsense. Among them is prosecutor Marcia Clark.

"Jason Simpson is the one they're saying is guilty. What is he going to do, say 'it's not me — it's my dad?' What a hideous thing for them to do. I can't even tell you how awful it is and it is baseless," Clark told the Today show.

Reacting to Clark's comments, Lavasseur told Inside Edition: "This is still an open case and we have a responsibility as investigators to vet it. We have a responsibility as investigators to these victims to try and give them closure."

Tom Lange, the retired LAPD lead detective on the case, says he has no doubt O.J. Simpson is guilty and no one else.

"There is nothing exculpatory in this case! It all points at [O.J.] Simpson," he told Inside Edition.

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