Justin Bieber's new cut looks just like a Ken doll


Can I just say it? Justin Bieber's classic side swoop hair is back and he looks just like a real life Ken doll. There. I feel better.

Since coming to fame in the late 2000's, the "Biebs" has gone through a host of hair transformations (we're taking everything from platinum blonde locs to buzz cuts), but earlier this week the Sorry singer was photographed with his old school forward brushed hair while getting lunch in Los Angeles, making it the best throwback ever.

I know you die hard Bieber fans either can't believe it or can hardly contain yourselves, but yes it's true: Justin Bieber's classic side swoop is back.

Now I know what you're thinking: The bangs aren't as long has his haircut from circa 2010. And, you're probably right. But, it's pretty darn close. In his defense, it's layered and slightly upgraded making it less like a Donald Trump comb-over, and more like a cool college guy.

We know the 22-year-old just finished his Purpose world tour, so maybe this cut is his way of kicking back and relaxing. Or, perhaps he's preparing to be the 2017 prototype of a new Ken doll. Either way, we'll take it!

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