Internet accuses Kim Kardashian and Kanye West of trying to look 'poor'

Kim Kardashian's newest Instagram photos are sparking backlash in the most unexpected way.

The new photos are reportedly part of a new series by husband Kanye West's creative director Eli Russell Linnetz -- but they're not getting the reaction on social media Kim and Kanye were probably hoping for. In fact, many people on the internet have accused the reality star family of trying to look "poor."

Kim made her triumphant social media return last week after a three month hiatus with a snapshot of Kanye and her two kiddos, North and Saint. She simply captioned the snap "family."

Since then, she's posted similar photos of her family hanging out in empty, simple spaces. It's a grand departure from the glamorous photos she used to share before her scary Paris robbery last October.

"Does anyone else think she's trying to redeem herself?" one user said on a photo of West holding Saint. "Spends years flaunting herself and her wealth but all of a sudden it looks like she's living in a shack and it's all about kids. Trying too hard to make people think she's living a simpler life."

"So [you're] using a filter to make you photos look grainy and you all are wearing $700 sweat pants and we're supposed to think you're all of a sudden down to earth?? So stupid!" wrote someone else.

The 36-year-old reality star also shared a more intimate photo of her and West, who's seen looking at Kim's rear-end.

"He always has my back," Kardashian wrote.

The "Selfish" author's social media return comes amid a huge break in her unsolved robbery case. Paris authorities detained 17 people between the ages of 17 to 73 for questioning earlier this week, and one of those suspects included her chauffeur. They released three people on Wednesday as the investigation into the armed robbery continues.

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