Hayden Panettiere dishes on her co-star rewriting 'Nashville' scripts

Hayden Panettiere plays the singer Juliette Barnes on the beloved CMT TV show "Nashville" and she just dropped some huge behind-the-scenes gossip about her comedian co-star, Charles Esten.

Panettiere told BUILD Series in a brand new interview that Esten, formally a regular on the improvisation show "Whose Line Is It Anyway?," used to retype his scripted lines incorporating his own notes and dialogue. The conversation came up when Panettiere shared her admiration of the comedy on "Nashville."

"I am constantly surprised at the talent of this cast and their ability to be funny. This is such a drama sometimes and you would never expect it." Panettiere dished. "They really grab those moments of comedy and these actors are so funny. The looks on their faces."

"You came from comedy so you know all about it," Panettiere deferred to co-star Esten as the comedy expert out of the two.

"We don't get to do much improvising," said Esten, "but they're always open to.."

"Oh C'mon. We do. C'mon" Panettiere interjects, before revealing insider information on his early "Nashville" behavior. "He used to come in with printed lines in the first seasons. He would retype all of the dialogue and come in with suggestions. It was the cutest thing."

"That was one scene," Esten retorts.

"Once? Guys."

Charles Esten was trying to make a point.

"Deacon and Juliette are in bed together. In the second episode, I think. The original line was something along the lines of 'I guess we're good at something besides just writing songs together.' I felt like in that moment these are two messed up people that are in this bed for the wrong reasons and they both know it. What we ended up saying is: she said 'What are you thinking about?' I said 'I'm wondering how this keeps happening,' and she said 'well that's easy, it's because I'm irresistible.' and I said 'I think that must be it.'

"That seemed like the most true version in that moment," Esten continued. "I guess just being around her. Whatever they wrote- they wrote before they really knew who the characters were..but you learn who the characters are also. I, just in that moment, really felt strongly that it was our brokenness that brought us together in that moment and they explored the heck out of that in ways I loved. That's what kept us sharing back and forth, that we could help."

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