Why Tucker Carlson was annoyed by Meryl Streep's Golden Globes speech (Video)


Tucker Carlson moves in to Megyn Kelly's old 9 p.m. time slot on Fox News tonight, but he was up bright and early to bash "rich and entitled" Meryl Streep for criticizing Donald Trump during her Golden Globes acceptance speech Sunday.

"Here you have a rich and entitled person describing herself as an outsider, an outcast," Carlson told "Fox & Friends" hosts Monday morning. "Look, she doesn't like Trump, that's totally fine, lots of people don't. You're allowed to feel that way, but what I was so struck by is she was telling a crowd exactly what they wanted to hear. She was saying things that are totally uncontroversial within the context she was speaking. That's the least courageous thing you can do."

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The Fox News host continued: "To be in a room full with rich Hollywood liberals and say liberal things... I mean, it would be really interesting, and cool by the way, if were to stand up and say something they disagreed with... It just annoys me."

Carlson isn't the biggest fan of Hollywood, in general. Last month, he told TheWrap that he doesn't think the movie industry will exist in two decades. "Who watches movies? Who would? Not me," he said. "I wouldn't cross the street to watch a movie for free."

"They can't accept the election results for the same reason their business model is crumbling, and Hollywood won't exist in its present form in 20 years," Carlson told TheWrap. "Hollywood is going out of business because they don't understand the country they are selling a product to. They're completely out of touch because they're rich and entitled."

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The "Tucker Carlson Tonight" host continued: "They think that anyone who voted for Trump is as bad as they believe Trump is. So, they think Trump's immoral, he's a bigot, he's a bad human being and they assume that anybody who voted for Trump is the same. That's over 60 million people. If you felt there were 60 million people in your country who are evil, you'd be very upset."

The conservative Carlson said Hollywood is in the "mass market retail business" and compared it to someone selling dog food without the slightest idea of what dogs like to eat. "If you hated dogs and didn't care what they liked, your dog food would probably fail," Carlson said."I think [Hollywood] is failing as a result."

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