The Golden Globes paid poignant tribute to the late Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher

The Golden Globes do not usually hold an in memoriam segment during its telecast, leaving that for the Oscars and other shows that have made their mark over the years. But with the loss of Carrie Fisher and her legendary mother Debbie Reynolds so close together at the close of 2016, the telecast had to make room for a special moment remembering the mother and daughter.

It was a short, but touching segment that did not hesitate to tug at the heartstrings while making its way through clips of each in their many film roles and their performances together on stage. It's a nice follow up to the premiere of the HBO documentary Bright Lights on Saturday and fitting that both would be remembered together. They shared a stage together and then shared a memorial together to bring a close to their lives, making this an especially fitting tribute.

That said, it's likely only a taste of what we'll get once the Oscars roll around. If they don't pull out all of the stops during their broadcast with a memorable in memoriam segment, it'll be a true shock. 2016 was a year full of exceptional losses and they deserve a memorial equal to the loss.

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