Jimmy Fallon's 2017 Golden Globe opening monologue filled with Donald Trump zingers


Jimmy Fallon didn't hold back in his 2017 Golden Globe Award opening monologue.

The comedian and late night host opened the award show with a celebrity-filled number on the red carpet with cameos from Nicole Kidman, Kit Harrington, the "Stranger Things" kids, and more big names before dancing onto the stage with Justin Timberlake.

In a funny bit he and Timberlake dirty danced in the stars ala a more mature version of Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone's number in their Golden Globe-nominated flick. Then he played piano for Ryan Gosling before hitting the stage.

Once he was on stage, the comedian took aim at president-elect Donald Trump in a slew of zingers.

"Already you have your Golden Globes moment," Fallon told the audience. "This is one of the few places left where America still honors the popular vote."

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He then joked that the night would be filled with thank yous to people like Ryan Murphy and people's agents, but nobody would be thanking O.J. Simpson. In fact, he claimed, people were dealing with a lot of confusion this year – including confusion about big nominee "Game of Thrones."

"'Game of Thrones' is nominated for a ton of awards, and a lot of people have wondered what it would be like King Joffrey had lived and in 12 days we're going to find out. "

Ouch – that one was pointed at Mr. Trump again.

Next, Fallon kidded about the Casey Affleck movie, "Manchester By the Sea" calling it one of the most depressing films of the year.

"You might remember 'Manchester By the Sea' as the most depressing movie of 2016, and the only thing more depressing than 2016."


Fallon closed out the monologue by letting everyone know that the votes would be calculated by the accounting firm, "Ernst and Young and Putin."

Way to end it with a relative bang, Fallon.

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