Golden Globes organizers brace for once-in-a-decade rainstorm

A year after the "Shuttlegate" debacle, organizers of the Golden Globes have a new set of logistical challenges to contend with for this weekend's ceremonies, not least of which is the trending meteorological term: "atmospheric river."

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In addition to heightening security, this year's Golden Globe ceremonies will take place during the largest storm to hit California in a decade, upping the ante for organizers and setting the stage for every cliche about Los Angeles to be laid bare.

A representative for the event said they will be tenting the red carpet, which they hope will be enough to stave off any embarrassing moments, of which there have been quite a few in recent years. Last year, a newly introduced security measure required that invitees be funneled through a shuttle service that ran from Century City to The Beverly Hilton. That system was an epic fail and left some guests stranded, waiting hours to get into the afterparties. In 2014, the red carpet suffered damage hours before the event after an underground sewage pipe burst, soaking the crimson pathway that leads the stars into The Beverly Hilton. This year, any unwanted liquid likely will be coming from a more conventional source.

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The National Weather Service describes an atmospheric river as columns of vapor somewhat akin to a "river in the sky." Much of the state is bracing for heavy rains that could bring flooding, avalanches, blizzards and road closures. The brunt of the storm will be felt in Northern California, but rain is expected on Saturday and Sunday evening in Southern California as well.

Robbie Munroe, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service based in Oxnard, Calif., told The Hollywood Reporter that they did expect somewhere between half an inch to an inch of rain late Sunday night heading into Monday morning. "It is unlikely that we would see this rainfall early enough to have a large impact," he said.

As for the event's security, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department said it will be assisting the Beverly Hills Police Department, and private security is expected to be brought in for the event, as they have been in years past. When contacted by THR, a watch commander for the Beverly Hills Police Department declined to comment, as did a representative for The Beverly Hilton.

Sandy Murphy, the general manager of The Beverly Hilton, said in a statement that they would be increasing the number of shuttles and have reworked the path of travel to remedy the problems that occurred last year: "We have been working with all concerned parties throughout the past year to develop a transportation plan that will allow the guests attending the events surrounding the Golden Globes to be transported in a timely manner, while still maintaining the safety and security of our guests."

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