Rachel Maddow weighs in on Megyn Kelly's move to NBC

Rachel Maddow is feeling rather lonely. The MSNBC host is one of the last remaining women in primetime news after the announcement that Megyn Kelly would be leaving Fox News for NBC.

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"I didn't know it was gonna happen, but MSNBC and NBC are different worlds so it'll be interesting to see what Fox does at 9," Maddow said when asked about Kelly's move during her appearance on Watch What Happens Live!

Maddow noted that she is a bit of a rarity these days, since Kelly's departure.

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"Now there's like no more women in news in primetime at least. Greta Van Susteren left Fox, now Megyn who was 9 o'clock at Fox, she's left there," Maddow explained. "So I'm starting to feel a little lonely because I'm not all that girly, and if I have to hold up all the girl energy, it's gonna be hard."

The notoriously liberal Maddow had no kind words for President-Elect Donald Trump when one caller wanted to know what the journalist would ask Trump if he appeared on her show.

"Uhhh... are you going to send me or anybody I know to a camp?" she quipped.

Kelly announced her move earlier this week, recording a farewell message to her Fox viewers.

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"I am very grateful to NBC for this opportunity, and I am deeply thankful to Fox News for the wonderful 12 years I have had here. I have grown up here, and been given every chance a young reporter could ever ask for," she said.

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