More questions arise over Janet Jackson's alleged 'secret daughter' with first husband

Rumors of Janet Jackson having a secret child more than 30 years ago have escalated since she gave birth to a baby boy this week.

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Now, Kristinia DeBarge, 26, the daughter of singer James DeBarge, who was briefly married to Jackson in the 1980s, told Inside Edition: "Only she knows the truth."

Kristinia's father is said to be the father of the mystery child.

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Kristinia said reports about the existence of Janet Jackson's alleged secret daughter may be accurate.

"I believe I do have a sister out there," she told Inside Edition.

The "Rhythm Nation" singer was 18 when she married DeBarge in 1984. In an interview with Inside Edition in 2000, DeBarge wouldn't confirm nor deny the birth of a daughter with Michael Jackson's youngest sister.

"If it's true you'll find out when she's ready for you to find out," he said coyly.

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His daughter told Inside Edition: "I am sure he feels betrayed, I am sure he feels sad, I am sure he feels like he was robbed of that relationship of his daughter. At the same time, I know my dad loves Janet until this day and doesn't want to hurt her."

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According to published reports, Jackson's alleged daughter was raised by her older sister, Rebbie, in Las Vegas. Other reports claim the child was placed in foster care.

"What if she is happy and doesn't want anything to do with me," Kristinia told Inside Edition.

Kristinia said she suspects the baby was given up because "[Jackson's] family had a huge influence on her. If she was pregnant, the only thing I can think of is that she still had a very long career ahead of her."

She believes the time has come for the truth to come out, adding: "I think for me I am going to continue to research and I am going to continue to try and find this person."

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