Mariah Carey had the perfect comeback after criticism of New Year's Eve performance


Two equally captivating disasters dominated the first half of the extended New Year's weekend. These include Mariah Carey's trainwreck performance on New Year's Eve and Ronda Rousey's resounding defeat at the fists of Amanda Nunes on Friday night. While Rousey issued a muted statement hours after the fact, Carey wasted no time in making her feelings known. As this tweet indicates, Carey's attitude appears to be "sh*t happens."

And good on her. Although Carey's performance left much to be desired, there were clearly technical difficulties beyond her control. She did toss plenty of attitude once things began to go wrong, yet when it became clear that the performance couldn't be salvaged, Carey knew that an effective comeback could ease the impact. After all, a decades-long career shall not be toppled by one disastrous performance.

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In other words, there's no need for jokes about the end of Mariah Carey's career along with 2016, and social media threw plenty of support behind her.

Other folks are being absolutely brutal to Carey, but she's tossed glitter on the story and kept her head held high. And her supporters have her back.