Mark Hamill drops epic zinger against Trump over Rockettes Inauguration appearance

Now that's a Force burn!

Mark Hamill on Friday posted an epic zinger against Donald Trump concerning The Rockettes' appearing at his presidential inauguration.

The actor, best known for bringing Luke Skywalker to life, tweeted "Good Luck to #TheRockettes at the Inauguration. Have fun, but remain vigilant Ladies! There's just so much to grab there. #TheyLetCelebsDoIt."

The zinger is in reference to the infamous Billy Bush tape that was leaked during the campaign season when the now president elect was caught on a hot mic joking about forcing himself on unsuspecting women. He later apologized for his "locker room talk."

On Thursday, The Rockettes made headlines when one dancer said over social media she did not want to appear at Trump's inauguration, but that the dancers were not allowed to boycott.

For his part, Trump claim's numerous A-list celebrities have asked to attend the event, but he has provided zero names.

Hamill, a Twitter Jedi in his own right, will return as Skywalker in the untitled Episode VIII.

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