Oprah reveals she's lost over 40 pounds since joining Weight Watchers: 'I struggle no more'

Keep up the good work, Oprah Winfrey!

Oprah just revealed she hit an impressive milestone in her weight loss journey in a new ad for Weight Watchers. The 62-year-old media mogul says she's has lost over 40 pounds since joining the program last year.

"I can honestly tell you I struggle no more," a healthy and happy Oprah says, whom the camera captures practicing yoga. "I live well while losing weight. It is easier than it's ever been."

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Oprah also says she's been able to still eat her favorite foods while on the program.

"I've eaten everything I love -- tacos, pasta -- I've never felt deprived," she stresses.

ET spoke to Oprah about her goal weight in July, when she said that she actually didn't have a particular number on the scale in mind.

See Oprah's transformation through the years:

"It's a feeling where you get to the point where [you think], 'Oh I can go to the store, I can pick that size, it's available, I don't have to like have it altered and all that stuff,'" she said. "So, I'll know when I'm there."

By August, Oprah had already noticeably slimmed down, when she flaunted her weight loss in a perfect LBD at the Queen Sugar premiere in Los Angeles. She admitted that shooting a movie at the time wasn't exactly conducive to her weight loss goals.

"[Being on a] movie set, you know, it's so hard," she shared, referring to filming the HBO movie The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks. "You know, you are working those long days, and then by the end of the day you're like, 'Oh my God, a bag of hot Cheetos calling your name.'"

"You have to leave the craft table and ask for a plum," she added.

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... Clearly, she was able to do that and more!

Watch our interview below: