'Krismas by the Numbers': Kris Jenner's extravagant Christmas decorations

Kris Jenner is the undisputed Kween of Krismas, and Architectural Digest has an exclusive first-look into the famously extravagant Christmas decorations in her Bel Air home.

With preparations starting six months before Christmas, there's no wonder why Jenner's holiday display is second-to-none year after year.

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For 2016, Jenner chose Kandyland Chic as her theme, which means that over 200 nearly one-pound candy-shaped ornaments adorn her massive Christmas tree. And just how big is her tree? Oh, just a mere 22 feet!

The stunning tree is decorated with 10,000 lights, which is approximately 320 feet of lights. But that's nothing compared to the amount of garland that lines her home during the holidays. That's nearly the length of a football field. Duh.

For more about Kris Jenner's incredibly Christmas decorations, watch the video above.

See photos of Kris Jenner through the years:

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