The Nutty Aggressor: Jerry Lewis refuses to answer questions in extremely awkward interview

Jerry Lewis may have sat down for the most awkward interview of the year when took the time to speak with The Hollywood Reporter to discuss his illustrious career.

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It all began when he was asked: "Have you ever thought about retiring?"

The 90-year-old replied: "Why?"

He was asked again: "Was there never a time when you thought it might be time to retire?"

He replied again: "Why?"

The King of Comedy actor was difficult, to say the least, with the Hollywood trade magazine, forcing author Andy Lewis (no relation to the iconic funnyman) to title the article: "Watch the Most Painfully Awkward Interview of 2016: 7 Minutes With Jerry Lewis."

The reporter visited the comic in his Las Vegas home and wrote: "He looked angry. I already knew Lewis' reputation for being difficult and acerbic with his audiences and in interviews. And he's a well-known control freak."

The journalist asked him: "Bob Hope, George Burns, Sinatra — do you see similarities with them?"

"None!" was Lewis' response.

He was even asked: "Do you have a favorite story about Dean [Martin] or Frank Sinatra you'd like to share?"

"No!," The Nutty Professorstar robustly replied.

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Lewis also mocked his interviewer's awkward laugh as he tried to take his refusal to answer questions in stride.

The author even wrote in his piece: "As awkward and funny — and it's pretty funny — as the interview is, it weirdly proves the point of the entire package: 90-year-old Jerry Lewis is vital and completely engaged. He's just engaged — almost happy — in being difficult."

Jerry Seinfeld tweeted that he loved the interview because "the essence of every comedian is on display."

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