Samantha Bee, Glenn Beck join forces to combat 'Trumpism' (Video)

Samantha Bee and Glenn Beck are on opposite ends of the political spectrum, but the two were able to find common ground in the latest episode of "Full Frontal."

"I think that our future is going to require a broad coalition of non-partisan decency," Bee said. "It's not just individual people against Donald Trump, it's all of us against 'Trumpism.' I actually think it's important to reach into places where we wouldn't normally reach."

Enter Glenn Beck, the former Fox News host and current TheBlaze anchor who built his career as a conservative firebrand. But now, Beck is looking to change his ways.

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"I, as a guy who has done damage, I don't want to do any more damage," Beck said. "I know what I did, I helped divide, I'm willing to take that."

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"My message to you is, please don't make the mistakes I made," he continued. "And I think all of us are doing it. We're doing it on Facebook, we're doing it on Twitter. We tear each other apart and we don't see the human on the other side."

Despite the vast difference in their politics, Beck said that Bee is a "catastrophist" just like him, making them even more alike than she realized.

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"Do you believe there's a chance we fall into a dictatorship under Donald Trump?" Beck asked. "Do you believe there's a chance we lose our freedom of speech and press under this president?" Bee astonishingly found herself in agreement with him.

Watch the video above.

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