EXCLUSIVE: Elizabeth Hurley dishes on her 'tall, dark, handsome' 14-year-old son's acting debut on 'The Royals'


Elizabeth Hurley's son, Damian, is following in his mother's footsteps!

The 14-year-old makes his acting debut on The Royals this Sunday, and his mom tells ET she couldn't be prouder of the teen.

"My son has turned out to be tall, dark, handsome and talented, so he was perfectly cast as Prince Hansel," the 51-year-old beauty said. "Damian is very charming in real life, so it was a hoot for him to play someone so obnoxious."

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See photos of the look-alike pair through the years:

Hurley's not the only one raving about her son. ET recently caught up with the British actress' TV children, Alexandra Park and William Moseley, who couldn't stop raving about Damian's natural talent.

"He's an absolutely treat," said Park, who plays Princess Eleanor. "He comes in and plays Hansel, the Crown Prince of Lichtenstein, and he did such a good job. It's a very comedic storyline and he's hysterical -- he killed it! It was wonderful to have him."

"He's going to go really, really far," added Moseley, who plays Prince Liam.

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It's only natural that young Damian was attracted to the camera, given his strong presence behind the scenes during the first two seasons of The Royals, which follows a modern-day royal family as they navigate life in the palace amid betrayal, sex, drugs and extravagant bashes.

A regular on the set, Damian -- whose father is Hurley's ex, Steve Bing --was promised he'd get a part on the show eventually.

"Damian's been around since we began," Park recalled. "He's always been on set and he knows everyone's lines and he's always very excited."

"He's our mascot!" Moseley said. "Without him, our show wouldn't [have] been going."

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Despite growing up in the public eye, Park and Moseley say that the budding actor is incredibly sweet. The pair confess that they had doubts about how he would carry himself, but they were quelled as soon as they met him.

"When I first met Damian, I thought he was going to be all, 'I'm at private school and you're not going to push me around and I don't care about you,'" Moseley admitted. "But he's completely the opposite. He's the sweetest, kindest and most gentle person."

"Even my brother said that when he met him," the Brit continued. "He was like, 'God, he's just a lovely, lovely person.' You wouldn't think he was Elizabeth Hurley's son and that his godfather is Hugh Grant!"

"You wouldn't think he's grown up in fame and his mother is Elizabeth Hurley," Park echoed. "It just goes to show that people's perceptions of them or of people who have the celebrity status that Elizabeth does [aren't always right]. It's not always what they might think because these guys are just the most chilled out, down-to-earth, fun family. And they bring that energy to set, so it's just a treat."

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Good looks are also in the Hurley genes! As a rep for Estee Lauder and with her own swimwear line, the actress frequently stuns with her flawless looks and fabulous bikini body. Now, dapper Damian is sure to set young hearts racing and may just steal the lime light as he makes his acting debut.

"He's such a beautiful boy," Park said. "That face! Every year, I'm like, 'Jesus, Damian!' He looks like a Calvin Klein model. He's divine."