EXCLUSIVE: 'Bachelor' Nick Viall on whether he'll hook up with women before fantasy suites

Nick Viall is making some big promises when it comes to his season of The Bachelor!

ET was exclusively on set with America's new leading man for his official Bachelor photo shoot on Sept. 21, and we had to ask how Viall's infamous Bachelorette past will affect his time as Bachelor (reminder: he slept with Kaitlyn Bristowe way before the fantasy suites, and called out Andi Dorfman on national television for "making love" to him.) The 36-year-old admits those moves "didn't work out so well." So, will he get hot and heavy with any of the women before fantasy suites?

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"Probably not," he admits. "I think I'm going to use that time to, you know, really get to know the women." But, he assures, "We'll still make it steamy," dubbing the season-to-be, in one word, "wild!"

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Still, what's most important to Viall is "honesty and authenticity" in his interactions with contestants. As a veteran of two seasons of The Bachelorette and one season of Bachelor in Paradise, he has a good handle on how reality TV works, and plans to play by his own rules. "I never really focused too much about public perception," he shares. "For better or for worse, I'm going to be myself and not always edit myself. My goal isn't to be Mr. Popular...My hope is that over time people will continue to appreciate the person I am, and I feel like, especially after Paradise, they've done a little bit of that. I hope that continues."

This summer's season of Bachelor in Paradise was definitely a turning point. Viewers saw a new, funny, mature side of the Wisconsin native. "I felt like it was the first time I really saw myself on camera," he says of watching the show. "I'm a pretty goofy guy. I like to have fun and joke around...I don't take myself too seriously."

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He says the biggest challenge for the new women dating him will be that he's "a lot to keep up with. I like a good fight...I like some banter!"

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"I'm very attracted to a strong, confident woman," he says. "I like a woman who isn't afraid to be a leader...someone who can keep up with me, keep me on my toes, challenge me and isn't afraid to call me out on some of my BS."

Yet there is one key question: will his past come back to haunt him as he starts this (we have to say it) journey?

"That would be interesting," he says. "As far as my relationships, whether it's been on TV or not, my past is my past...those ships have sailed...I don't think there's anyone who comes to mind where I'm like, 'I hope they come.'"

We'll see what happens when The Bachelor premieres Jan. 2 on ABC. Find out what almost-Bachelor Luke Pell knows about the first episode in the video below!