Carrie Fisher's daughter Billie Lourd dishes on 'Scream Queen's' spoilers and 'Star Wars'

The second season finale of Fox's hit show, "Scream Queens," may be right around the corner, but Chanel #3 visited BUILD Series this week and gave us plenty of insider gossip to chew on while we wait for the next season.

Billie Lourd plays the spunky character known for her sassy wit, comic timing and of course, earmuffs. While the show's creator, Ryan Murphy, is notoriously private about spilling plot lines, Lourd didn't hold back. From behind the scenes shenanigans with Emma Roberts and Lea Michele to unknowingly creating episodes, we've got the low down on what's happening in the hospital. She even dished on her crucial role in "Star Wars: The Force Awakens," and what her mother, Carrie Fisher, thinks of Chanel #3.

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How does it feel transitioning from Kappa Kappa Tau to a hospital?

"I love it! Being in a hospital takes the weird hyper-realness of the show to whole a new level. It's obvious that all of these girls would be in a sorority, but now it's hilarious that we are calling ourselves doctors. I had a line where I called myself "Doctor #3," and I had to think twice about who that was. But it's also perfect because it accentuates the bizarreness of the show. I got a minor in psychology so I am always trying to "correct" the hospital jargon, as if the two are related."

What was the original inspiration for Chanel #3's voice?

"I was kind of inspired by my grandma (Debbie Reynolds) because she talks in this great 1950s voice, and the director, Brad Falchuk, came up to me right after I started doing it and expressed his love for the voice because it adds to Chanel #3's humor. Now I can't escape it and end up doing normal things in my character's voice. Sometimes my friends get mad at me and say "You're treating me like #3," and I just answer back in the voice, it's amazing."

Is it true that you are the reason for the "Scream Queens" accent episode?

"Yes, but I didn't know it! I was sitting in the nurse's station watching a scene and I started speaking in a South African accent. I think a writer heard me and decided it would be funny to write an episode where we all had to do various accents as a way to make fun of how bad Americans are at voicing foreign accents. I had to explain to the cast that the episode was my fault, and John and Taylor were very stressed about the accents, whoops!"

Have you ever said no to Ryan Murphy?

"Actually, yes! Sometimes the dialogue can be a little bitchy. We were filming recently and in the episode I was supposed to call Kirstie Alley fat, and I refused to do it. Even though we are acting, these people are still human and I consider them family. Kirstie did say, "Just call me a fat bitch!"

Does the "Scream Queens" cast hang out outside of work?

"All the time. We are always doing fun things to celebrate and we even just had a wrap party at my mom's house that got a bit out of hand."

This season, John Stamos and Taylor Lautner have joined the cast. What is it like working with those handsome men?

"It's great, but also kind of bizarre. Usually, women are objectified and treated as sex symbols or weird objects, but John and Taylor are that on our set. Whenever we do interviews with media, it's always like, "Oh, the two new hot guys..." Jamie Lee Curtis always chimes in and goes "They are smart, too." So, they have kind of taken the position that most women get into. They are incredible, such fun guys and great to work with. They fit into the fold perfectly."

Have you thought about any guest stars for upcoming episodes?

"My mom! I want my mom on "Scream Queens." She could play someone who is convinced she's Princess Leila. That could be her disease and then as a plot twist we could find out that she actually is Princess Leila. Side Note, I think she's available."

How does your mother feel about you getting into acting?

"Well, this is the last thing they would have wanted me to do. It's like my form of rebellion, but now that I am doing it and I am comfortable and happy they are thrilled. But, I think they would rather I be a neurosurgeon. I tried that, but I got a B- in bio, so... "

Speaking of your mother, what was it like being in "Star Wars: The Force Awakens?"

"Haha, I had a very crucial line, "General are you seeing this?" I guess if the general didn't see it though, they call could have died. But, working on the movie with my mom was a bit nerve-racking because we were watching each other's backs in a very aggressive way."