Social Media star Cameron Dallas gives us some trendy items to put on your holiday gift list

Vine sensation turned movie star Cameron Dallas gives AOL an exclusive look into some items that you should give your friends and family this Christmas. From the hottest backpack to a simple gift card, Cameron Dallas has some great holiday gift ideas.

1) This Dolce and Gabbana backpack: "Backpacks always come in handy and I love the cartoon images of Domenico and Stefano."

2) A Chipotle gift card:"You can never go wrong with Mexican food. Have you tried the quesaritto from the secret menu? It's amazing."

3) Calvin Klein underwear: "Everyone loves their Calvins. They are comfortable, fashionable and trendy."

4) A subscription to Netflix: "You and your partner can Netflix and chill while watching my new show CHASING CAMERON which is available on Netflix starting December 27th!"

5) A Mophie charger: "This is one essential item that everyone needs. Everyone hates that feeling when your battery is dying, it just sucks."

6) Flowers: "This is the perfect gift for your mother or sister. Flowers of any kind are always my go to because who doesn't love flowers?!"