Andy Cohen makes out with Sting and Trudie Styler in a steamy game of 'Spin the Message in a Bottle'

A little lip-locking never hurt anyone on Watch What Happens Live!

On Monday, Sting and his wife, Trudie Styler, played a hilarious game of "Spin the Message in a Bottle" with Andy Cohen during their appearance on the popular Bravo show, a clever play on The Police's classic tune, "Message in a Bottle." The three took turns spinning a virtual bottle, and could either choose to answer the question given to them or kiss the person who spun the bottle.

Sting had no problem getting candid during the game and revealed the hardest drug he's ever tried is iowaska, a hallucinogenic brew. Trudie also played along, revealing the most diva thing she does is buy too many shoes. Though when it was Andy's turn, he quickly declined to answer the question, opting to kiss Trudie instead.

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"I've always wanted to say this. Hey Sting, I just kissed your wife," Andy joked after their smooch.

And there was no complaints from Trudie!

"That was pretty hot," she cracked, before going in for another smooch during her turn, this one lasting even longer.

Later, Andy took his opportunity to kiss Sting, after which the host was adorably flustered.

"Are we out of time? ... I already got what I wanted out of this game," he joked.

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Last month, Anderson Cooper appeared on Andy's show, when he revealed the two were actually once set up on a blind date. However, the CNN news anchor said Andy broke his "cardinal rule" of dating just two minutes after they talked on the phone.

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