Amy Grant reveals her favorite Christmas song and why she put out a new Christmas album

Amy Grant is caroling her way right back into our hearts this holiday season. The Grammy Award-winning singer dropped a brand new Christmas album, "Tennessee Christmas," just in time for the holiday season. Grant hasn't put out a new Christmas album in over 20 years, but she says she was ready to get into the holiday spirit again after so much time has passed.

The singer, who is married to country singer Vince Gill, collaborated with her husband on a fun twist of "Baby It's Cold Outside" and also added in some brand new original holiday songs. We touched base with Grant, who is currently on tour for her album about her favorite holiday traditions and why she decided to put out a new Christmas album after all these years!

You've put out quite a few Christmas albums -- all of which are extremely popular -- what made you want to do this album after 20 years? "Christmas music just feels like "home" to me. So much has happened in those twenty years, and it's been fun to channel all of that life experience into this new project in a way that still feels familiar to me."

What sets this one apart from your previous work? "This record has a much more intimate, fireside feel than my other Christmas projects. Touring so much at Christmas has given me the opportunity to hear from all types of people who experience Christmas in different ways. For some, it's the most wonderful time of the year, while for others it can be a challenging time dealing with loneliness or grief. My hope is that this project offers comfort to those who feel overlooked during this busy season, and that it encourages people to reach out to those around them and enjoy being together."

How did you go about choosing which songs were on the album? "Several of the songs on this record are new originals, but we also included a few Christmas standards and familiar carols. I worked with three different producers on this project, so between the four of us we had plenty of ideas, but in the end we all were able to agree on our favorites."

Your husband collaborated on one song -- was it fun to record together? Especially given you met him during the holidays? "It's always such a treat for me to sing with Vince! We've had so much fun performing "Baby It's Cold Outside" together during our Christmas residency at The Ryman Auditorium that we jumped at the chance to include it on this record! We actually slowed it down a bit so that the lyrics really have time to sink in– it's such a witty song!"

What's your favorite Christmas song to sing with family? "O Come All Ye Faithful– it has always been my dad's favorite too, and we have such fond memories of him leading the family singing it."

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Do you ever go caroling? "Since I am on the road so much during the Christmas season, I don't really have a chance to go caroling around the neighborhood! But, I guess you could say I've caroled my way across the country over the past month!"

What's your favorite holiday tradition? It may seem like a small thing, but my favorite tradition is taking a picture of all our kids (and now grandson) together first thing Christmas morning! I love to look back through those pictures and see how everyone has grown and changed through the years.

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