Gift Guide: Keke Palmer shares her 6 favorite holiday gifts

Keke Palmer is a girl with good taste and great gift ideas. The "Scream Queens" star revealed her favorite simple and practical gifts that you can give this holiday season. Check out her holiday gift guide below:

1) A journal: "I think a journal is a cool way to put out your thoughts. People these days typically use a computer or the notepad on a phone- which is cool- but I think it's great when you have an actual tangible journal because it makes you push yourself to write and then you can look back and relearn something about yourself from a certain place and time."

2) Bathrobe and slippers: "These are practical gifts but I always know people are going to use and reuse them a million times over. A nice little set is always a nice little touch!"

3) Shoedazzle shoes: "Their shoes are fun and sassy. They are glitz and glam but especially awesome because they are inexpensive and you can get all kinds of trendy designs and not break your bank. You can get a lot of bang for your buck!"

4) A piece of art: "Just recently I started realizing how special artwork can be. Over the years I have been given art and I look back now and each piece makes me think about a special moment. I love that I have that special piece of art that can represent something specific in my memory."

5) Camera: "It's always good for someone to be able to have a way to dedicate something to all their memories of people. Of course, we have our iPhones but if someone gave you that camera its fun because you will always have that one place that is just for that- that's for videos, footage, a place to keep all the memories of friends and family."

6) My Book: "I think people will find inspiration and light inside"