The 17 most original, wild and creative celebrity baby names of 2016

2016 was anything but normal, which actually makes the usual roundup of unique celebrity baby names somewhat comforting!

While Hollywood's affinity for "Reign" and "River" endured, there was no shortage of adorably unusual additions to the A-list baby name catalog.

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So as we say goodbye to another year, let's "Journey" back to remember just 17 of the most unique names that celebrities gave to their newborns in '16.

See them all in the gallery below, or scroll down for more:

1. Dream Renée Kardashian - Blac Chyna & Rob Kardashian

The Kardashian-Jenner family already has a formidable roster of interesting baby names, so it's a little surprising that Rob & Chyna were able to top them all, even after bucking the "K" name trend. Still, we love the name Dream Renée, a perfect mix of interesting and classic -- with a middle name she shares with her mama!

2. York Banks Asla - Tyra Banks & Erik Asla

Simple and sophisticated, the supermodel's son has one of those interesting names that catches the eye without raising any eyebrows.

3. Heiress Diana Harris - T.I.& Tameka Harris

Heiress Harris. Heiress Harris. Whether or not you like the alliterative name the rapper and singer have picked out for their little one, you have to admit it's really fun to say.

4. Boomer Robert Phelps - Michael Phelps & Nicole Johnson

The Olympic gold medal swimmer said during a Facebook Live chat that his son got his name because Phelps and his wife wanted something "different and cool." And Boomer certainly delivers on that idea -- when you hear that name, it's impossible to have #PhelpsFace!

5. Rocco Robin Cannavale - Rose Byrne & Bobby Cannavale

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The Real.

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The only thing cooler than the actors' 9-month old son's name is the little guy himself in Cannavale's amazing Instagram pics!

6. Luna Simone Stephens - Chrissy Teigen & John Legend

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Lu and big bro!

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This adorable name is particularly fitting for the daughter of the soulful singer-songwriter, with the connections it draws to the beloved late singer, Nina Simone. Legend confirmed the inspiration himself on Twitter in November.

7. Remington Alexander Blackstock - Kelly Clarkson & Brandon Blackstock

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This little guy is magic 😊 #RemyB

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Given that Clarkson's oldest is named River Rose, you knew the "Breakaway" singer had to keep up the creativity for her little boy, and she did! Remington Alexander sounds so noble and yet, so adorable too!

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8. Greyson Valor Mathews - Jenni "JWoww" Farley & Roger Mathews

With a name like "JWoww," you really have to bring it with your kid's name, and with Greyson Valor, it's clear the Jersey Shore star has found her litte knight in shining armor!

9. Dusty Rose Levine - Adam Levine & Behati Prinsloo

Adam is a pretty typical name, whereas Behati is super interesting! The celebrity couple seems to have struck this balance of out there and traditional for their little one, Dusty Rose.

10. Journey River Green - Megan Fox & Brian Austin Green

The Transformers star and Beverly Hills, 90210 actor seem to get a little more creative with each child -- 4-year-old Noah Shannon, 2-year-old Bodhi Ransom, and now, Journey River.

11. Odin Reign Carter - Nick Carter & Lauren Carter

Alright, after this year, we really need to rein in celebs' use of the name "Reign," but it works for the Backstreet Boys' singer's only son, who has a powerful sounding name that sounds straight out of a Marvel movie.

12. Freddie Reign Tomlinson - Louis Tomlinson & Briana Jungwirth

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Yes, there's that "Reign" again, but there's something friendly and disarming about "Freddie" that completely wins us over with this One Direction baby.

13. River Rocket - Jamie Oliver & Juliette Norton

Like Reign, River seems to make it into an awful lot of names, but, as with his previous children, the celebrity chef went way outside the box with Rocket. C'mon, River Rocket? That's awesome!

14. Jonathan Rosebanks Shulman - Anne Hathaway & Adam Shulman

She played a princess in The Princess Diaries, and with a name like Jonathan Rosebanks, Hathaway's son sounds ready to be a prince!

15. Jolie Rae Caussin - Jana Kramer & Michael Caussin

The country music singer hacked the name game with this one. You really can't share a name with Angelina Jolie and go wrong.

16. Frances "Frankie" Laiz Setta Schenkkan - Morena Baccarin & Ben McKenzie

"Frankie" is such an adorable nickname the Gotham stars have given to their daughter, who already has a pretty and original name on top of it.

17. Izzy Oona Murphy - Eddie Murphy & Paige Butcher

Izzy Oona! No real reason here, it's just so cute!

That does it for 2016! See you next year, so long as Hollywood keeps going for it with the baby names.

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