TJ Miller addresses battery arrest during Critics' Choice Awards monologue... sort of

Well that's one way to address "the elephant in the room."

T.J. Miller (sort of) addressed his battery arrest while hosting the Critics' Choice Awards on Sunday night, just two days after his early morning altercation with an Uber driver occurred.

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"Before we start, we need to address the elephant in the room," the awards show host began the show. "It's been in the news all weekend, and it's really affected me... The election was definitely hacked by the Russians."

Ah, the old bait and switch!

Miller used the remainder of his opening monologue to give a surprisingly poignant take on preachy celebs.

"All I want to do is talk about what's going on in the world, but the problem is, I hate when celebrities get on their soap box," Miller explained. "Just do your act. Don't tell the rest of us how think, OK?"

"Let's not be upset tonight, OK? Tonight is a celebration," the actor concluded, quipping, "Let's all agree, and I agree, not to be upset until next year... in February ... at the Oscars."

Before the show, Miller and wife Kate Gorney told ET they'd address the altercation, but kept quiet on how.

"I'm gonna talk about the elephant in the room during the show," he explained. "So I don't want to give anything away."

LAPD officials confirmed to ET on Friday that the 35-year-old actor star was arrested between 1 and 1:30 a.m. that morning, saying "there was an argument or disagreement that occurred and an arrest was made."

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Police say the incident happened in the back of an Uber, noting the driver made a citizen's arrest before police arrived and took him into custody. Miller was released from jail a few hours later but not on bail. The 35-year-old actor was served a misdemeanor battery ticket and will have to appear in court.

After the altercation, ET confirmed that Miller would still host Critics' Choice Awards this weekend as originally planned.

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