Niki and Gabi DeMartino share what it's like to be social media mavens


Twin YouTubers, Niki and Gabi DeMartino stopped by AOL's BUILDseriesNYC to discuss their upcoming single and offer tips for their viewers. Currently, the social media stars have accrued 4.6 million subscribers on their YouTube channel, nikiandgabibeauty, which hosts a wide variety of content. From beauty tutorials to song covers to comedic videos, the girls know how to make entertaining and engaging videos for all ages to watch and learn.

Here are 5 things we learned from their BUILD interview:

1. Niki and Gabi DeMartino are releasing their FIRST single next month.

Their first single is appropriately called "First" and it will be released on January 2, 2017!

"This past summer I worked with a friend, I collaborated, I rendered the whole entire song to fit a 21-year-old or young adult mold so that it's pretty much a situation any girl is going to go through by the time they're our age. After I rendered it, Niki went through this terrible breakup the past month or two and as a sister going through that I didn't know what to do. It's a really bad situation because you want to be there for her but you don't know what she's going through. So I [said], 'You know what, maybe listen to this song I rendered.' I wasn't thinking anything of it, I [thought] maybe this will help you. She calls me and [says], 'I just listened to this five times. [I] know all the words. This is my new favorite song. Let's make this a single! Let's do this!' I was like 'OMG, I didn't even think of it like that!'" Gabi shared.

"It honestly helped me heal," Niki said. "I listened to this song every other day, then every day. I would put it on repeat in the car, and I knew all the words, and I [said] 'Gabi, my favorite song is a song you wrote! Why don't we make it a single?!?' I'm really excited! I think every girl should have this song. It's a 'feel good, be sassy, not sad' song."

2. Niki and Gabi's tips for dealing with a breakup.

In addition to discussing their upcoming new song "First," Niki and Gabi shared more tips for anyone going through a breakup.

"I ended a five year relationship not too long ago, and the best way I healed from it ... I did this thing where if I thought about my ex, [I'd] do something really annoying, so then you get really annoyed with thinking about him, so you don't want to do that annoying thing. I chose brushing my teeth, it got so annoying that I was like 'Girl, just don't think about him,'" Gabi explained.

"My advice is to surround yourself with people that are going to be there for you. It's a tough time and you're going to want to be sad because you're supposed to be sad. If you weren't, that would be concerning. You just have to surround yourself with good people, and just realize that everything that happens literally happens for a reason, and even though it doesn't make sense right now, in a few years it will. You just have to hold on to [the fact] that everybody has a plan, even if it doesn't make sense," Niki shared.

3. Niki and Gabi love to empower women all around the world.

Both Niki and Gabi participated in this year's Girls Night In tour, which was put on by Fullscreen, a network for content creators. The tour was also joined by YouTube stars Alisha Marie, Alyson Stoner, and Jessie Paege.

Niki felt that the tour resembled the Spice Girls movie Spice World. "It felt like a little girl group for a little bit ... We were the Spice Girls for like two months," she said.

"It felt like college kind of, living with all my friends, performing every night having the same schedule for like days on end with barely any days off. At first it was really scary. It made me very anxious, and then towards the end on our last day I was such a good girl experience!" Gabi added.

The fans who attended one (or more) of the tour dates definitely had a blast. You can see some of the highlights here.

4. Niki and Gabi have beauty tips for living on the road.

If you ever find yourselves on a long road trip going from city to city or state to state, Niki suggests getting "a good deodorant and perfume," and Gabi advises that once you finished showering, you should "blow dry your hair, style it the night before, and sleep with the hood on. Then when you wake up, it makes life so much easier. You just have to touch up your hair and makeup."

5. Niki and Gabi have really helpful tips for aspiring YouTubers.

Gabi advises you to "stay raw to who you are. Don't try to be any other YouTuber but yourself, and upload constantly because people want to subscribe to people that post frequently." Niki added that you shouldn't just "upload to upload if you're not inspired or you're not connected with what you're making. I think being passionate about what you're making and putting it up there and being proud of it and being yourself 100% is what's going to be successful because you have to be true to you!"

Watch their full BUILD interview in the video above to hear them talk about celebrity impressions, their DIY bathroom project seen in their recent "Holiday Night Routine" video, their production process, and much more! Be sure to subscribe to their YouTube channel, nikiandgabibeauty, and their respective Twitter pages, @nikidemar and @gabcake, and Instagram profiles, @nikidemar and @gabriellademartino.