Bill O'Reilly vows to never appear on 'The View' after Joy Behar's Trump comments (Video)

Bill O'Reilly says he will never making another appearance on 'The View' after Joy Behar said Donald Trump is "not right in the head."

"Enough!" O'Reilly told Martha MacCallum on Fox News. "That's ABC News, by the way. These aren't some clowns running around the entertainment division. That's a disgrace."

Fox played a clip of Behar telling the other "View" hosts on Tuesday that Trump has "never appeared stable to me when he's come on the show."

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O'Reilly said Behar's comments were disrespectful "not only to the president-elect, but to the whole process."

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"That's it, no more 'View' for me," he exclaimed while holding up his right hand.

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Trump has been a target of "The View" co-hosts for quite some time. In the past, Behar has called Trump a "dictator," "Trumpelstiltskin" and "the most dangerous man alive."

On Thursday, Candace Cameron Bure announced she would be exiting the show. She had just returned from hiatus for Thursday morning's episode. Fellow panelist Raven-Symone also recently announced that she's departing the late-morning talker for a spinoff of her own nostalgic show.

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