Comedian Jeff Foxworthy pays for woman's groceries after she miscalculated the cost

Robin McFadden was in a grocery check-out line when she realized she miscalculated the total cost of her groceries.

She said she was trying to manage her three children, who were growing restless, while also fumbling to find alternative coupons when she heard someone behind her say, "how much is she short?"

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"I turned around and I was thinking, 'oh no I can pay for it,'" McFadden told

But, when she saw who she was talking to, she gasped.

It was comedian and Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader? host Jeff Foxworthy.

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"When I gasped, he laughed and I was like, 'no you don't have to pay' and he just walked around me stuck his card in the machine and said, 'watch this,'" McFadden told "I was like, 'oh my God, you're going to make me cry!'"

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McFadden said she gave Foxworthy a big hug for paying the $25 for her and asked to snap a selfie with the star.

"I was like, 'hold on let me take a picture' — no one is going to believe that I met him," she said.

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