Adriana Lima explains how the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show empowers women


With their confident posture, nutrition and exercise conscientiousness and desire to empower young women and ladies everywhere, the models in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show prove it's about much more than just a great body and beautiful lingerie. Models Adriana Lima and Sara Sampaio stopped by BUILD Series NYC yesterday before the show aired to discuss what happened behind the scenes at the 2016 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. This year's show was held in Paris with special musical guests Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars and The Weeknd. Here are 5 things we learned from the Angels:

1. Adriana Lima on how the Victoria Secret Fashion Show is empowering to women.
"We come from all over the world. The message there is: We embrace women no matter where you are from, how old you are, and that's the message," Adriana said. "Your body shape and being individuals and doing the fashion show, we have the opportunities to have our own personalities and be who we are. Embrace yourself - that's the message we try to send."

2. Two fashion shows are filmed, then edited into one.
The final cut of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show seen on television is a combination of two fashion shows, shot the same day. This long day for the ladies is mitigated by the high energy fans bring to the event. "People were incredible in the audience. Our first show, everyone got off the runway and was like 'Oh my god. The people are going wild for us. It's like we're in a rock concert.' The energy was incredible."

3. It's Adriana's 16th year walking in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.
"My first fashion show was 1999. It was just a regular runway. No social media at all. No performance, no musicians walking the runway. Now we travel the world, this year we were in Paris. It's amazing."

4. Everyone wants to know if The Angels get along.
This year there were over 200+ camera backstage during the show, and over 23 cameras fixed backstage. Adriana explained, "They put cameras everywhere, I don't even know where they come from." Unbeknownst to audiences at home, there are even cameras on stage. "Actually on the runway sometimes there are cameras crews walking on the stage with us and you don't get to see that. There are cameras on the runway, a person, walking with us." The most popular question asked? Some variation of whether the women get along off-camera.

5. Advice for first-time Angels.
Adriana Lima: "For the girls, you have to have fun and show your own personality. Get out there! If you want to dance on the runway, dance on the runway." Adriana had no memories of advice received during her first show because "in 1999, I was not speaking English at all."

Sara Sampaio: "I remember during my first show, Izabel Goulart came to me and was like 'take your time, don't rush." You're so nervous that you almost run down the runway. 'Take your time at the front, really look at the cameras, flirt with the cameras and don't rush it.' That's the trick I've been giving to some of my friends working for the first time this year."

Photos from the 2016 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show: