Bill Maher compares Trump to 'a toddler playing with a gun'

Bill Maher recently shared some colorful words about President-elect Donald Trump, reports the Huffington Post.

On Saturday, the outspoken talk show host tweeted, "Its been almost a month, will I ever get used to Trump? F**k no. Its like watching a toddler playing with a gun – you're always nervous."

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He received many messages of support, with one user writing back, "I am living with constant sense of impending doom."

While another joked, "He's a terrific toddler though, the best toddler, believe me, I guarantee it."

Meanwhile, there were some who defended Trump, saying "shouldn't be a die hard democrat. Give the guy a chance, he isn't even sitting in the office yet bro..."

Maher has been openly critical of Trump; in October, he told CNN's Fareed Zakaria, "Donald Trump is a reflection, and what we learned is that there's a lot of vulgar, tacky, racist people in this country, more than I thought."

Maher also said that Trump's supporters lived in an "alternate reality."