Joseph Gordon-Levitt's signature mismatched socks, explained

Though they were all dressed in black, one stylish actor from THR's 2016 Actor Roundtable managed stand out from the pack.

With his mismatched socks, Joseph Gordon-Levitt added a bit of quirky flare to his otherwise somber ensemble during the shoot with fellow actors Jeff Bridges, Casey Affleck, Dev Patel, Andrew Garfield and Mahershala Ali.

David Needleman

In 2013, the actor revealed in a Reddit AMA that his socks were a tribute to his late brother, Dan, who passed away at age 36 in 2010. "My brother Dan always wore mismatched socks," he wrote. "I inherited his collection."

In the year's since his brother's death, the famously private actor has otherwise remained quiet in regard to his brother, choosing instead to honor Dan with his style. During the roundtable, the 35-year-old noted that having his personal life exposed was one of the more difficult aspects of an acting career and the celebrity life that comes with it.

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"On the one hand, it's tough to complain because it's a really privileged life I get to lead," said the Snowden star. "On the other hand, I think the whole celebrity thing is unhealthy, and I feel bad being a part of it or feeling like I'm perpetuating it."

See Gordon-Levitt in the roundtable below.