Amanda Seyfried claims she can 'smell the TV' while pregnant


Amanda Seyfried's bizarre pregnancy symptoms are giving us major Mean Girls vibes.

After announcing this week that she and fiance Thomas Sadoski are expecting their first child, the 30-year-old actress spoke to Refinery 29 at a launch for the Givenchy Live Irrésistible Délicieuse fragrance on Wednesday in New York City, about how the pregnancy is affecting her.

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"I swear to god I can smell the TV," she insisted, claiming that she now has an abnormal sense of smell. "There's this static-y, metal-y scent. Do you know what I'm talking about?"

This sounds a lot like when Seyfried's Mean Girls character, Karen, announced she had a "fifth sense."

Seyfried also told Refinery 29 that while "nothing" is making her sick just yet, there is one smell she abhors. "The only thing I can't tolerate is body odor," she explained. "Normally, it's fine. I know it'll pass or I can leave the room, but I cannot tolerate it anymore. I have a hard time with that."

See photos of Amanda Seyfried and her fiance:

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While B.O. is a big no for Seyfried, she's loving the aromas of sweets while pregnant. "There's something comforting and cozy about [the smell of] something baking or something sugary," she said. "That's why I love those Yankee candles, [in] buttercream frosting or angel food cake. I mean, who doesn't put a vanilla-scented candle out in their kitchen? [Those scents] relate to the child in me, which will live on forever. That's also probably the pregnancy talking; I'll blame it on that."

Pregnant Amanda Seyfried is seen leaving a photoshoot in New York's Soho neighborhood on Dec. 1.

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Seyfried and Sadoski, 40, got engaged in September after going public with their relationship in March. The two met in 2015 while working together on the off-Broadway play, The Way We Get By, and will also star in the 2017 movie, The Last Word.

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