Gwyneth Paltrow pranks unsuspecting customers with failed spray tans and epic facials

Gwyneth Paltrow is a total prankster.

The 44-year-old actress cleverly pranked a series on unsuspecting folks at various hot spots in Los Angeles, while hilariously posing as a facialist, spray tanner and a waitress.

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The "It's All Easy" author teamed up with her pal, Derek Blasberg, for a new episode of The Scene's Derek Does Stuff with a Friend!. Blasberg, who is also the host of Vanity Fair's Our Man on the Street, kicked things off by having Paltrow pose as a facialist and give two unsuspecting customers beachside facials.

After delicately placing a "volcanic" mask on a male customer, Paltrow went in for the kill and provided a "Nirvana-like" neck massage. The experience ended with a few high-fives and a "Holy s**t! That's awesome" moment.

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The second prank proved to be a bit more challenging. Paltrow attempted to spray tan an unsuspecting young lady, but as luck would have it, the spray tan was a complete bust. The actress left the customer dripping in tanning oil, and to make matters worse, the customer didn't seem fazed or impressed that it was Paltrow behind the spray tanning machine. "Thanks for Gooping me Gwyneth," she said to Paltrow. You can't win them all...on to the next.

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Paltrow's final task was to pose as a waitress at an organic restaurant in Santa Monica. She quietly brought out a few dishes to the table, but the customers were too busy talking among themselves to even notice her! Finally, after a few stops with bread and water, everyone excitedly recognized Paltrow.

"Did you just...Did you just see who that..." one male customer said, as another woman began tearing up.

Watch all the pranks in their entirety in the video below.