EXCLUSIVE: Janice Dickinson opens up about fiance Dr. Robert Gerner, gives update on cancer battle

Janice Dickinson says she's "been reborn."

ET recently sat down with the 61-year-old supermodel, where she opened up about her breast cancer battle, and how her fiancé, Dr. Robert "Rocky" Gerner, helped her fight the disease.

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"Today I am finally over the hump and the fright for myself and my family from the most horrible word in the world, cancer," Dickinson revealed, crediting Gerner, her children and her fans for her recovery. "I've been reborn and the days are much bluer, the clouds are much brighter, roses smell rosey-er, and I finally heard from my betrothed that we are going to do this now, we will be tying the knot this year."

Dickinson and Gerner got engaged in 2012, but put their wedding planning on hold after Dickinson was diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer in March. After a hard year, the two are ready to celebrate Dickinson successfully overcoming the disease -- and each other -- when they finally walk down the aisle later this month.

"Janice went through some phases, she was really strong with the surgeries," Gerner said, "but the radiation treatment drains you of energy and she became fatigued and her normal level of hyper energy just went away."

"I think the tide turned when we saw the professor at UCLA [who] said, 'You're OK. You may need to take a medicine just to make sure you don't have any relapse,' but he felt 98 percent sure that it was all gone," he shared.

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"I am so lucky, through Rocky's help, through my children, through my friends, you know, especially Steven, my publicist, I just really counted on Steven coming over every single day, my children checking in every single day," Dickinson added. "It's brought the family much closer together as well."

Though the former America's Next Top Model judge says she and Gerner are "polar opposites," it seems the two were meant to be.

"Haven't you noticed that for the past almost five years that I have known Rocky, that I haven't been falling out of nightclubs with my underwear, like, hanging around my knee caps, you know, spraying the press with bottles of water?" Dickinson joked, praising Gerner's positive influence on her. "Rocky's also been my rock, especially in the Bill Cosby case."

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