Paris Hilton shares her holiday 2016 gift guide

The holidays are literally upon us and if you need ideas on what to get for your family and friends this year, fret not, here's what Paris Hilton recommends.

She's got some incredible ideas from cool new technology to perfume!

1. HTC's virtual – reality headset:"This is my favorite new toy. It literally takes you to another world, and it's so realistic! I'm very excited about all the new VR projects that I'm creating on my own."

2. Roli Seaboard: "I love music and the Roli Seaboard makes playing music so much more fun! I love new technology, and this would be a perfect gift for any aspiring musician."

3. Roli Lightpad Block: "The Roli Block would be another great gift for Christmas. The technology is so advanced and being a DJ, it's a perfect accessory to add to my DJ kit. It's so amazing what it can do and anyone can play with the Lightpad Block. This would be a fun gift for any DJ or music lover."

4. Gold Rush Fragrance: "My new Gold Rush fragrance would be another great gift. Not only does it have a gorgeous gold sparkling packaging, it also has a beautiful scent, and the sexiest body you have ever seen! Every girl would love this gift. It would be perfect for girlfriends, wives, moms, and even grandmothers."

5) Give a photo collage: Paris suggests giving a gift from the heart and creating a cool photo collage for friends. Check out her example!