Loretta Lynn reveals when she tried marijuana for the first time

Loretta Lynn revealed during a recent interview with PEOPLE magazine that she smoked marijuana for the first time at age 84.

"I got glaucoma and they gave me one of these cigarettes," Lynn told the magazine. "I took one smoke off of it and it hit me right here in the chest. I like to have died! Glaucoma is just going to have to take over."

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The country music legend also said that, after being hospitalized following a fall in August, doctors have urged her "to rest all the time," but she has no interest in that. "I'm not tired," she said.

Lynn is still constantly touring and performing 90-minute shows around the country, and she's showing no signs of slowing down.

"I ain't ready to lay down and die," she said. "I don't see no reason to quit right now."

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