Michael Phelps' son Boomer has a precious swimming lesson: 'He really does go to a happy place'

A trip down Memory Lap Lane! Michael Phelps visited Baltimore, Maryland with his wife, Nicole Johnson, and their baby son, Boomer, for the Thanksgiving holiday, and on Monday he took his almost 7-month-old to the pool where he learned to swim.

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With the help of the same instructor who first put the Olympian in the water, the happy family tried to coax some enthusiasm out of the cautious infant during one of his first swim lessons.

Boomer mostly clung to his dad's beard, holding tight to him.

"He doesn't want to get wet. He doesn't want his face to go under," Phelps narrated, and once the little tot started to doze off, he added, "I guess he really does go to a happy place, just like Daddy when he's in the pool."

As the Facebook video progressed, Boomer seemed more comfortable in the water, even getting safely dunked underwater with minimal upset.

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"So he did better today. He didn't cry that much," Phelps summarized after the lesson. "He had a little good swim today. When we were in here yesterday at the pool he was probably a lot more fussy. But it was good. I felt like he was better relaxed today than before. The pool is so warm, it's like 90 degrees. His big thing is he's obviously not used to going under the water."

It's important to Phelps that Boomer get acclimated to the water, not simply to follow in his dad's footsteps, but also for safety reasons.

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"The process has started where he gets to become more water safe and relaxed, more comfortable in the water," he explained. "Hopefully, he'll enjoy it more and more."