Matthew McConaughey gives University of Texas students a safe ride home


Let's hope he wasn't Dazed and Confused! Matthew McConaughey went back to his alma mater at the University of Texas Austin this week to lend an A-list helping hand.

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"Longhorns take care of each other, and it's 'safe' to say Matthew McConaughey agrees," the university's official student government Facebook page captioned a pic of the actor driving around a group of students. "Don't forget to use SURE Walk when traveling home late at night; you never know who might pick you up! #BeSafe#SafeChats."

In the shot, McConaughey is behind the wheel in an orange zip-up sweatshirt and is rocking some thick facial hair.

The Oscar winner, 47, graduated from the university in 1993, but still returns to Texas regularly. Earlier this month, he told ET's Nischelle Turner about his birthday celebrations down south with his wife, Camilla Alves, and three kids.

See photos from another one of his visits to the University of Texas:

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"My family took me down to South Texas and we camped out on the river that I learned to swim in, the Frio River," McConaughey told ET. "It was cold but it didn't matter. We swam in that Frio River, took the rope swings all through the river all day. We barbecued outside and played music, my son DJ'ed, we cooked steaks and had a great time."

For more on the outing, watch the exclusive interview below!